First Post

1 minute read

First time trying to use GitHub.

First time trying to create a website.

First time writing a blogpost.

We all start with our first. A beginning. With a known or unknown end.

I’ve always wanted to try creating a blog when I was younger, back when blogspot was all the hype. However, I never quite believe I had what it takes to create one. As someone who never used the computers at all, using it for anything was foreign to me. I never really found the need to use it either.

Thinking back, so much have changed. After my A levels, I took a leap of faith into a field I know nothing of. Filled with both excitement and fear. I entered School of Computing. Reason being? I fear it most. I believe it was my greatest weakness, and yet it is so essential in the light of present day. I have a tendency to choose what seems to be the hardest for me, but I deem it worthwhile in the long run. But I never how far it will take me. Whether I will crash and burn myself alive, or dive into a bottomless sea of silence. Still I jump.

And I’m glad I did. And I will continue to take more leaps of faith. Not because I have faith in myself, or any higher beings. But because I can. And I will.